Alien Brains - It's All History Now 1979-1985

Menial Disorders

There Is Going To Be A Riot Soon 0:30

Menial Disorder A1 3:51 Menial Disorder A4 10:48

Menial Disorder A8 1:17 Menial Disorder A10 4:10

Menial Disorder B3 6:24 Menial Disorder B4 1:57

Menial Disorder B5 4:58 Menial Disorder B6 1:54

Menial Disorder B7 5:34 Menial Disorder B9 2:10

Menial Disorder B11 5:23 Menial Disorder B12 1:07

Menial Disorder B13 1:09 Menial Disorder B2 3:32


Der Blaunk Teps / Aberdeen Arts Centre

Der Blaunk Teps A1 3:41

Der Blaunk Teps A3 2:54 Der Blaunk Teps A4 4:27

Der Blaunk Teps A5 10:24 Der Blaunk Teps B2 3:09

Der Blaunk Teps B4 3:05 Der Blaunk Teps A6 3:05

Der Blaunk Teps B1 4:25 Der Blaunk Teps B3 5:01

Aberdeen Arts Centre 14:00 Live Last Chance Centre / WI Hut


Live Last Chance Centre 18.11.1983 London 11:55

WI HUT- Recording (Broomhill) 13:22

USE (Unusual Social Embraces) - So Quiet 4:00


Blatantly Nihilist / British Interiors / Alien Brains IV / Ultras

Blatantly Nihilist A1 3:32

Blatantly Nihilist B1 5:07 British Interiors A1 2:00

British Interiors A2 0:51 British Interiors B4 1:10

Alien Brains IV B2 7:14 Alien Brains IV B4 2:01

Nigel Jacklin - Solo Recording Live At Ultras 4:41


School Art Room / Water Tower

School Art Room A2 7:00

School Art Room B1 4:06 School Art Room A2 9:04

School Art Room A3 3:36 Tower (Morwick) B1 4:07



Verdenskang A1 8:03

Verdenskang A2 4:17 

Verdenskang A3 9:09

Verdenskang B1 2:17 

Verdenskang B2 4:34

Verdenskang B3 1:37


Compilation Contributions

Extracts 3:21

Boule 3:47

Untitled 1:55



Format: A four LP boxset with accompanying booklet and bonus 7-inch..

Release Date: 2014

Label: Vinyl on Demand 

Catalogue Number: VOD123

Sleeve Design: Nigel Jacklin



The tracks are taken from various Alien Brains cassette releases from the late 1970s to early 80s. Alien Brains was a wilfully enigmatic vehicle for recordings by Nigel Jacklin often (but not always) involving collaboration with some of the following: Allen Adams, Bendle, Truus de Groot, David Jackman, Mark Lancaster, Nag, Protag, Neal Purvis, Philip Rupenus, Richard Rupenus, Philip Sanderson, Harold Schellinx, and on early recordings various public schoolboys. On the original tape releases it is often unclear who did what, and the credits on the boxset don't always elucidate matters. Philip Sanderson and David Jackamn can be found on both the Verdenskang and Last Chance Centre recordings.