Philip Sanderson - Not Even my Closest Friends

1. Morphover & Curl 03:28

2. Before The Mast 04:19

3. You Know She 03:54

4. Swing 02:34

5. Glazing Over 03:42

6. Day For Night 04:56

7. The Red Knight Begins 04:41

8. Idol Ferry 02:38

9. Oozie Bluzey 02:36

10. Bye 00:26


All tracks by Philip Sanderson.



Format: Cassette and download

Release Date: 2021

Label: Snatch Tapes

Catalogue Number: tch 221

Design: Layout/painting by Philip Sanderson



Former Storm Bug Philip Sanderson has delivered some great music recently under his Christian name, as well as with other projects, such as Ice Yacht. I was particularly pleased with 'On One Of Those Bends' (Vital Weekly 1177), which was an excellent album of pop and some mild experiments. On this new tape, Sanderson goes out even further to what I call pop music; you may not agree, but that's fine. Here has ten tracks, thirty-three minutes, of keyboards, rhythm machines, sequencers and Sanderson's voice. This is not music for Vital Weekly at all, but boy, I love this. In many of these tracks, Philip Sanderson reminds me here of Sparks, especially in the way he sings, reminding me of Russel Mael, but also in his music he comes close to that of Sparks when they were at their most electronic. Not exactly with the same big electronic sounds, or big beats, but rather moody, at times jazzy songs. Small melodramatic pieces and sometimes Sanderson doubles his voice, just as Sparks do (and a lot more), adding weight to certain phrases. In 'Idol ferry', Sanderson mocks pop heroes and reminded me of 'Lighten Up Morrisey', from, you guessed, Sparks. This is some great music, excellent produced, humorous, dramatic, weird lyrics, but that was clear from the start of this review? And why isn't this on LP? (Frans de Waard) 


"The tracks on both last year’s Rumble of the Ruins and the forthcoming release, Not Even My Closest Friends, weave a sonic web of synths, keyboards, programmed drums and vocal harmonies, with Philip’s very English vocals declaiming a kind of detached bemusement at the world and its many vagaries"