Philip Sanderson - Reprint

Track Listing:

Bright waves

Reprint 1

Nein Nein Nein

Reprint 2

Under Press of Sail


All tracks by Philip Sanderson, except 'Nein NeinNein' by Philip Sanderson & Steven Ball. 'Bright Waves' by Philip Sanderson & Nancy Slessinger.



Format: CD, 500 copies

Release Date: 2003

Label: Anomalous

Catalogue Number: NOM 23

Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson



Re-issue of the 1980 cassette originally credited to Claire Thomas & Susan Vezey.


From: the Wire Magazine by Jim Haynes:

"...what may have been consigned to the dustbin of 1980's cassette culture turns out to be a marvellous find, as good as any of the recently recovered cassettes of recordings of Cabaret Voltaire or Throbbing Gristle."


From: WFMU a review by Program Director Brian Turner:

"Reprint was originally a cassette under Claire & Susan's moniker, and regardless of what name is on it today it stands as a great marker on the home-brewed experimental/electronic timeline. Glad to see Anomalous brought this back to the surface."