David Jackman & Philip Sanderson - O North

Side 1

Ashes & Diamonds (PS & DJ)

Terrain (PS & DJ)

Side 2

Zero Degrees North (PS & DJ)

Under Press of Sail (PS)

Fade of Light (DJ)



Format: Cassette, 25 copies

Release Date: 1982

Label: Aeroplane 

Catalogue Number: AR4

Sleeve Design: David Jackman. Photocopy onto paper.



Released on David Jackman's Aeroplane records, O North contains collaborative and solo recordings by Jackamn & Sanderson. Soon after meeting in 1980 Jackamn & Sanderson recorded a number of pieces in Sanderson's basement flat in Paddington, London. This produced three tracks all with the working title of 'Terrain'. Terrain 1 is included here, Terrain 2 was not released until 2002 when it came out on 10-inch vinyl on Die Stadt. The third 'Terrain' track was subsequently titled 'Offshore' and included on the Ritual tape.


'Ashes & Diamonds' combines a flute loop made by Jackman & Sanderson during the above sessions plus vocals by Nancy Slessinger and percussion by Sanderson fed through a Revox tape delay set up. 'Zero Degrees North' is a mix of the drum loop from the Storm Bugs single 'Tin' with Esraj by David Jackman (a slowed down version of the 'Blues' track found on Snatch 3. 'Under Press of Sail' is a Sanderson solo track originally released in 1979 on Snatch 1, and 'Fade of Light' is a Jackman solo track.