Philip Sanderson - Lost With All Hands

1. LOST WITH ALL HANDS (The Legend of Goodwin Sands) 19:04

2. The Mourning After 20:52

Music Side A & B: Philip Sanderson 

Vocals and lyrics Side A: George Gilbert - from the album Medway Flows Softly - Songs of Kent by George Gilbert.


Format: Bandcamp Download

Release Date: 2022

Label: Snatch Tapes

Catalogue Number: None

Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson 


Goodwin Sands is a sandbank off the coast of Deal in Kent notorious as the site of shipwrecks and the loss of thousands of lives. The perils of the sands and the phantom vessels that haunt it have been the subject of folk songs and poems. LOST WITH ALL HANDS locates itself within this narrative. The two elements of the piece are an electronic soundscape combined with a reworking of a folk song The Legend of Goodwin Sands that originally appeared on the 1974 LP Medway Flows Softly - Songs of Kent by George Gilbert. The soundscape was made using granular synthesis with the shifting atoms echoing the particles on the sands, whilst Gilbert’s voice has been electronically processed to generate an accompanying crew/chorus of voices. Side B - The Mourning After employs pulse comb filters excited by a range of audio sources including location recordings in Kent, vocals and shortwave radio.