Storm Bugs - Storm Bugs


Side A

1 Untitled

2 Our Main Objective

3 Blackheath Incident


Side B

1 Hiemal/Window Shopping

2 Outburst

3 Hodge

All tracks and music by Philip Sanderson except Untitled which features Sarah Pomeroy on Cello. 


Format: Cassette, 5-10 copies

Release Date: 1981

Label: Snatch Tapes

Catalogue Number: SS1

Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson. Photocopy onto white card. Photograph taken by David Scholefield in Maidstone



A compilation of tracks By Storm Bugs many of which had been previously released. The Hiemal/Window Shopping track is a unique mix and was used as the soundtrack to the Storm Bugs film Table Matters by Steven Ball. This was re-issued on the 40th anniversary CD of a A Safe Substitute. Similarly the mix of Our Main Objective differs from other versions.