Various Artists - ContraPop Festival 2018: The Third And Tidal Report


1 Laraaji - By The Laws Of Manifestation

2 Flower-Corsano Duo - Cocaa Mouth Paralysis

3 Sacred Paws - ust Kids

4 Massicot - Suri Gruti

5 Teeth Of The Sea- Field Punishment

6 DJ Airplane and Spaceship* - The Drum Slave

7 Molly Nilsson - American Express



1 Otherworld - Forgotten Light VII

2 Dave Kane, Alex Neilson, Chris Sharke, and Alex Ward

3 Yuri Landman - On The 1st Of Feb

4 The Storm Bugs - Take It To The Top

5  Adrian Sherwood - Just Programme It

6 Coldnose - Memories

7 Margenrot - Aghves / Zangezur / Spitak



Format: CD

Release Date: 2019

Label: Extra Normal

Catalogue Number: TXN 010

Sleeve Design: Oliver Barrett



ContraPop is a music festival which takes place in a marquee on the baech in Ramsgate, Kent, UK. To accompany the festival a CD is produced showcasing tracks from the previous year's festival, thus this 2019 CD includes the live performance of 'Take It To The Top' by The Storm Bugs from 2018.