Storm Bugs - Gift

Side 1

Storm Bugs


Eat Good Beans


Dull Sound of Breath

Side 2

Window Shopping 

Make Customers Matter

Car Situations

Blackheath Episode




Format: Cassette, 25 copies

Release Date: 1981

Label: Snatch Tapes

Catalogue Number: TCH240

Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson. Photocopy onto white card. Photograph taken by Sanderson in Paddington.



Gift is a compilation tape including selections drawn from 1978-80. Tracks are taken from both the Table Matters EP as well as from previous Storm Bugs tapes. Car Situations differs from that on the Metamorphose Single in that it is an accapella version. 'Make Customers Matter' is a remix of the track on the Table Matters EP without the voice-over by Mr WH Smith. 'Hiemal' was re-issued as 'And She Blew' on the CD Lets Go Outside and Get it Over.