Various - Telephone Music


Side A

1 Maps (Philip Sanderson)

2 Thief (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton)

3 Merry Christmas Adolf (Michael Denton)

4 Drinks and Aeroplanes (Philip Sanderson)


Side B 

1 Ups and Downs (Philip Sanderson/Michael Denton)

2 Apostrophe S (Philip Sanderson/Steven Ball/David Jackman)

3 Spy Garden (Philip Sanderson)

4 Mr. Sound (Michael Denton)



Format: Cassette, 5 copies.

Release Date: 1986

Label: Telephone Music

Catalogue Number: tel 001

Sleeve Design: Michael Denton & Philip Sanderson. Photo by Michael Denton

Compiled and produced by: Philip Sanderson



The tape compiled collaborative and solo tracks by PhilipSanderson & Michael Denton from bertween 1981 and 1986, plus the track 'Apostrophe S' by Philip Sanderson & Steven Ball (with flute by David Jackman). The tape came in two sleeves, a white 7-inch single sleeve (sealed using brown parcel tape) with a grey photocopied label on the front and back and a design with the camouflage plyers. 'Maps', 'Drinks and Aeroplanes', and 'Spy Garden' (retitled as 'Tale Chase') were re-issued in 2018 on the LP On One of These Bends.