Philip Sanderson - No No No No

1. No No No No

2. Future Derivatives

3. Bubble Drum

4. Scream Test

5. Swingers

6. Beddy Buys

7. Print Through

8. Holding Little Hands



Format: Download. Plus 5 CD-R

Release Date: 2016

Label: Snatch Tapes

Catalogue Number: None

Sleeve Design: Philip Sanderson



No No No No is a collection of tracks recorded using an emulation of the EMS VCS3 made in Max/MSP by Sanderson over which vocals were added, often in one or two takes. Sent out in very limited numbers (no more than 5) as a Christmas CD-R with a hand drawn cover (see second image) then made available as a download.



Review by Sam Davies from the May 2017 edition of the Wire magazine:

Philip Sanderson was first musically active as part of the duo Storm Bugs on the early 1980s cassette scene, a DIY scene predicated on cheap reproduction, and the Bandcamp era offers such micro-cultures an ideal second life (for now.) So as well as making the original output of Storm Bugsí Snatch Tapes label available, itís also given Sanderson an outlet for a run of new tapes. No No No No, on which Sanderson mutters cut-up incantations over different grades of electronic mudslide, doesnít sound out of place in 2017 either; like Mordant Music, Ship Canal or Hacker Farm, itís a very English sound. Made with the means to hand, and completely unafraid of grime or decay; these are sounds left out of the fridge, pulled out from under sofas, disinterred from lofts with a dusting of fibreglass.